Thursday, September 16, 2010

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal
oil on canvas
This was not one of my typical dailies. I painted this for an upcoming exhibition of the Visual Arts Ministry at Sherwood Park Alliance church entitled "Take a Closer Look". The intent is not only for us to take a closer look at the wondrous creations of God, but perhaps at ourselves, and our relationship with God. My idea for this painting and the one I will be posting next is that if we put only a fraction of the effort into living a life in keeping with God's intentions for us that God put into creating even the smallest parts of creation, then we would truly live in a wonderful world where amazing things happen!
This is a large painting, by daily standards, painted with a much larger brush- a stretch for me, but I really enjoyed it!

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  1. It looks so real! And I look forward to seeing it displayed at SPAC.