Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stuff in Stuff...

Bag - O - Beads
oil on board
5 x 7

As I got going with the daily paintings, I found I was really drawn to things inside of things - things in glasses, things in bags, things in cups... for whatever reason, this appealed to me. The painting "Bag - O - Beads" was not going to look this way originally. I was taking the beads out of the bag to put in a glass jar to paint, when I was struck by the interesting shape of the dollar store bag the beads came in. Once again, there was the beauty in the unexpected. A pleasant surprise that turned into a lovely painting!

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  1. Nice! I linked you on my photo blog-a group of bloggers who post a photo day that they have taken that day. I'm a late entry into the group but never too late to start something, I believe.

    I thought of you as I took a picture of the banana's on my kitchen table. There were more than three though! Not my best for sure, but I was tight for time, as you know all about.